Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Operations Managment of Fullers Brewery and Vue Cinemas Term Paper

Operations Managment of Fullers Brewery and Vue Cinemas - Term Paper Example In considering the operational differences between the two businesses, the essay will now give a compassion of the operational aspects considered in each of the four variables of the four V model: Volume In the first instance, the volume of an operation simply represents the level of production and will dictate the overall approach used towards manufacture or delivery of a good or service (Fitzsimmons and Fitzsimmons, 2008). In the case of Fuller’s Brewery volume can be measured in a number of ways but always relates back to the delivery of a physical product. In essence, from an operational perspective, the volume is measured in liquid volume measurements. From a pure scale perspective, while the operations of Fuller’s Brewery are concentrated in the Southeast, distribution takes place on a national basis requiring an operation in scale which is able to accommodate such demands. By stark contrast, Vue as a service provider is unable to measure volume on such a simple c ommodity basis, instead, volume here relates the number of â€Å"guest experiences† in other words, the number of tickets sold to customers in a given period. While this may be true of the main product, it should also be indicated that Vue makes a significant amount of profit from the sale of ancillary products such as beverages and snacks, items which may be easier to quantify with traditional measures of volume. Like, Fuller’s Brewery, Vue operates on a national basis. However, as a service provider, such large volumes require a more localized approach to supply, rather than a centralized production and distribution model as seen in the former business. Variety represents the number of products or services provided by an operator (Slack et al, 2010). Here a broad or narrow view may be taken of the variety of products produced within an operation. For instance taking the operation at Fuller’s Brewery, at the broad level of the operation can be split down into j ust two key product areas, cask ales made for the licensed premises business and canned and bottled beers designed to be sold from non-licensed premises such as the supermarket.

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