Friday, February 28, 2020

Financial Management Analysis of Toyota and General Motors Research Paper

Financial Management Analysis of Toyota and General Motors - Research Paper Example In this regard, it will be worth mentioning that the success or failure of any business unit can be largely depicted from the facts presented in the financial reports of the companies. This approach is often regarded as financial management analysis of any business, depicting its current business positioning. Contextually, the role of conducting financial management analysis is deemed to be quite effective in this modern day business. The effectiveness of the performance of any business can mainly be determined through a comprehensive analysis of varied financial reports comprising capital management, income statement, balance sheet and statement of funds (Nieuwenhuizen, 2007). With this concern, the research paper intends to conduct an effective analysis of financial management, which compares and contrasts two particular companies namely Toyota Motor Corporation and General Motors Company (GM). The analysis will mainly address analyzing the financial data of previous three years of both the companies in terms of capital management, balance sheet, income statement and statement of funds. Both Toyota and GM are recognized as the leading market players operating in the automobile sector for numerous years. These companies have been able to attain superior competitive position in terms of delivering quality products and/or services to their respective customers worldwide. Evidently, Toyota is a Japanese based automobile manufacturer, which enraged its customer base through offering quality products to them. The company is also widely recognized for its adoption of lean manufacturing approach along with the practice of Total Quality Management (TQM). These aspects further ensure that the company could be able to deliver quality products to the customers with utmost consistency, thereby gaining maximum profitability. Specially mentioning, Toyota became much renowned in applying effective corporate

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